You are most likely reading this article because either you or somebody you know is getting married. That special day deserves to be properly recorded, yet searching for the perfect wedding photographer for you can seem quite daunting. The purpose of this article is to help you identify certain factors that make a good wedding photographer and also help you avoid any horror stories that typically happen when trying to capture that wonderful day

1.      Recommendations and Review

Every photographer has their unique weaknesses and strengths, so it becomes easy to known what a photographer’s strength is when you get reviews form previous clients. You can also do this by having a full conversation with the prospective photographer. Blatantly asking what their weaknesses are helps when making a choice, as professionals will clearly state what areas they could improve in, while you should avoid any photographer that states they don’t have any weaknesses.

2.      Lighting Situation

There is more to hiring a wedding photographer than simply making sure they are a right fit, and if past clients had nothing to sing but praises. The most seamless wedding to photograph is one held during the day with great shade and natural light. However, not all weddings are like that, some are held in a dark, low lighting environments. You have to be sure your chosen photographer is able to work in that sort of situation, either using external lights or other forms of lighting.

3.      Price and what it features

When checking the price of the photographer’s package, you have to consider what exactly the package entails. Features such as second shooters, hi-res Jpegs, additional hours, engagement sessions and albums might be part of the price, or could be additional money.

4.      Composition and Lighting

It is possible that different photographers can have the exact same situation and come out with varied stories thanks to how they use composition and lighting. You have to ask what the photographer’s take is. You can do this by asking to view their portfolio, as that clearly shows an accurate depiction of what a wedding story should be.

5.      Delivery

When the wedding date has come and gone, you would need to see the photos.  You can have a clear picture of just how long the delivery of the photos takes by asking the prospective photographer to give you a timeline. A full gallery typically takes anything from 2 weeks to about 6 months to deliver.